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Struggling to find a business or service?

Struggling to locate & find a

business product or service?

Google, Yellow Pages...

Are they working for you?

I am your local mobile virtual assistant & 24/7 call centre
I'm Buddy

Here to help with

everyday challenges, queries & emergencies,

sourcing quotes & great deals
from vetted suppliers

sharing business & product information,
directions, Namibian news & events

reservations for restaurants
accommodation, rental cars & activities

notifications about
deals, tenders & vacancies,

& getting the right insurance

for your home or business.

Simply download me

in your app store and ask a question

by text, voice or phone.

I am eager to help with whatever you need.

After all, isn't that what a Buddy is for ?

Like me?

My friendship is


I assist, I inform, I connect, I guide, I insure, I notify, I quote.

Need restaurant bookings; telephone numbers; business, travel or home insurance; roadside assistance; emergency medical evacuations; travel arrangements; tyres for your car; skydiving lessons; or even a new pair of shoes - whatever it may be.

as your Travel, Local & Business Buddy

I am here to help

Together with my knowledgeable, multilingual tribe at the call centre, I am at your service 24/7.

Simply download me in your app store and ask a question by text, voice or phone.

I am eager to help with whatever you need.

After all, isn't that what a Buddy is for ?




here to help with...

travel challenges, queries & emergencies,

what to see & do,

where to eat, drink,

shop & buy

where to stay

& how to get around

Launching soon...

Business Buddy, 24/7 business advice & assistance

Targeting specific business industries such as hospitality, FMCG, motor and property, Business buddy is a desktop and mobile app which allows owners & employees (e.g. PA’s and secretaries) to ask for assistance & advice regarding products, services & business solutions.

Business Buddy will create a community between a business or service provider and the end customer, providing a platform to share information.

Business Buddy is fully CMS integrated, allowing for each business to manage their own company profile page and liaise directly with their clients and potential customers through bulk sms and e-mail sending as well as In-App notifications.

Integrating into Business Buddy is a fully fledged mobile friendly & App-ready Intranet.

app Features

Buddy app features

Scan to connect

Connect with local businesses. Get access to information, videos, news updates and chat directly with service providers.

Scan to Pay

Pay Buddy: Scan & pay. Easy verification & payment process

Message Center

All chats, messages & notifications from Buddy or a connected business will appear in the Message Center.

Ask Buddy!

Anything you need in Namibia! Text, voice or phone!

Emergency Assistance

Need help? Press this button to trigger an emergency response request and pin point your location

Buddy Pages

Digital brochures where businesses share genuine, valuable information including your personal travel itinerary - travel without paper and save a tree (or three). Fauna, flora, maps & general guides to Namibia all loaded here for your convenience and ease of reference!

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